Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, nestled inside the northeastern area of India, is a nation of unparalleled herbal beauty and cultural variety. Known as the Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains,” Arunachal Pradesh stocks its borders with Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. To explore this charming kingdom, tourists ought to acquire an Inner Line Permit (ILP), required for Indian residents, or a Protected Area Permit (PAP) for foreign nationals, available at exact access points.

The first-rate time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is between October and April, while the weather is high-quality, and the area is not laid low with the heavy monsoon rains that signify the months from May to September. The capital city, Itanagar, serves as a gateway to the country’s diverse attractions.

Arunachal Pradesh known as the Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains
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