Dawki is a small town in the Indian state of Meghalaya. Dawki is a hidden jewel of Northeast India, celebrated for its surreal natural beauty and crystal-clear waters. At the heart of Dawki’s tourism appeal is the Umngot River. This River renowned for its astonishing clarity, allowing you to see the riverbed even at considerable depths. A boat ride on Umngot through the transparent waters, with the backdrop of lush green hills, is a mesmerizing experience.

Dawki is gateway to the border with Bangladesh, and suspension bridge connecting the two countries adds to its unique charm. Visitors can also explore nearby attractions like Shnongpdeng, which offers adventure activities. Such as zip-lining and camping, making Dawki a captivating destination for those seeking serenity, natural wonder, and a touch of adventure in the Northeastern frontier of India.

Dawki Travel Destinations
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