Janak Villa by Vista Rooms

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Janak Villa by Vista Rooms

Villa - Khandala Maharashtra

Known as one of India’s leading hospitality chains. Vista Rooms offers a wide variety of luxurious and expansive properties for travellers, interested in soaking in a private stay experience during their vacation. The journey of this premium hospitality brand began in 2015. When its founders – Amit Damani, Ankita Sheth and Pranav Maheswari decided to foray into the growing market of alternate accommodations in India, by offering a select range of vacation-worthy villas, home stays and farmhouses.

Currently Vista Rooms operates 500+ luxurious stays spread across several parts of India. All Rooms managed by a professional team of well-trained staff, comprising of caretakers, housekeepers, professional chefs or local cooks. We also have 24×7 customer care team.

Perched on the foothills of Sahyadri, Khandala provides for a perfect weekend respite for the Mumbai population, with its scenic valleys, grassy hills, serene lakes and misty waterfalls. The natural beauty blooms to its zenith and reveals a magical charm that is perfect to sit back and relax.

Nestled amongst these lofty hills is Janak Villa. The retreat offers modern, luxurious interiors and spacious bedrooms with lovely bathrooms. There are a number of indoor games at your disposal, including table tennis or a competitive game of pool. The villa also boasts of a spectacular living room, complete with an indoor pond section.

While the villa provides you with all amenities possible, its real beauty is the location. The balconies open up to magnificent views of the Western Ghats, that you will never forget and always return to Janak Villa.

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